Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 4 MA/CT Part B

Day 4 MA/CT (Part B)

The second part of our day 4 ride took us from Massachusetts to Northern Connecticut and then through central Connecticut.  Our first destination was the town of Granby, CT.  It took a bit longer to get there then expected as we missed a turn and had to go through Holyoke, MA before catching the I-91 South.

 Day 4B MA/CT

Once in Granby, we followed CT-20...this is an excellent ride!  The highway is 50+ km and extends through scenic roads with lots of turns!  It seemed like Luc and I were the only two vehicles on the road and we had a lot of fun...this would have to rank as one of my favorite rides of the 6 day journey.  It was so much fun, that I did not stop to take any pictures.  However, I did find this video on YouTube that will give you an idea of what the ride on CT-20 is like!

Video Credit - 24VFR (YouTube)

At the end of CT-20, we stopped for fuel at Winsted and planned our route to Luc's sisters place in Scotland, CT.  It looked like the rest of our riding would be a mix of Interstate and divided highway to Norwich, CT (CT-8, I-84, I-691, CT-9, etc.) was typical highway driving, not much to see and lots of Friday afternoon traffic.  

We ventured off CT-9 for fuel at East Haddam, CT.  Well stopped there, a driver of a beverage truck came over and started to talk to us.  He asked where we where heading and we replied, Norwich.  He said that he owned a Harley and that we should take CT-82 to Norwich...he said that it was an excellent "biker road" and that it would provide relief from Friday afternoon traffic.  Since CT-82 was adjacent to the gas station we decided that we would take the advice that we where given. The ride to Norwich on CT-82 was another good one, similar to what we experienced earlier in the day in MA.


Once we arrived in Norwich, we rode to Luc's old neighborhood.  He grew up near Norwich and had not been back there for some time.  I enjoyed hearing Luc tell stories of where he grew up and the things they did as kids.  We stopped at the house where Luc lived as a child/teenager and grabbed a quick picture.

From there it was on to Scotland, CT and Luc's sisters for the evening.  We had a great visit and evening with Luc's sister and her family!  Up next, day 5...NH/ME coast...

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