Saturday, August 31, 2013

1125R Upgrade (Part III)

The 1125R upgrade is 95% complete!  I was held up for a bit trying to locate a 3/4" torque wrench that is capable of the required 295 ft/lbs for the rotor nut/crankshaft. Early yesterday morning, I contacted a friend who works for a heavy equipment company and by the end of the day he had a torque wrench for me!

3/4" Torque Wrench, not that's a tool!

Rotor nut with thread lock and cranked to 295 ft/lbs

Stator cover torqued and top oil line reconnected

Stator wires pulled through wiring harness channel

Stator wires reconnected to plug and wiring harness

Air breather assembly, etc. installed, looking like a bike again!

Exhaust is all that's left to install!

I was hoping to have the 1125R completely back together today, but the stock exhaust can is just to awkward for one person to install. I messed around for an hour or so without success; need an extra set of hands to operate jack while getting the exhaust bolted in place.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Team Sponsor

Check it out, can you find my name on the Team Hellcat sponsorship banner?


Like last year, I am very excited for Team Hellcat as they embark on their journey to set Land Speed Records at Bonneville!  As you may recall, Team Hellcat set world record times last year on a Harley Davidson Turbo-powered Sportster with a side car!

This year, they are heading back to Bonneville to attempt to set two additional Land Speed Records...two bikes, two riders!  Kelly Rogers aka @FieryPinkGirl will be one of the two riders from Team Hellcat to attempt to set a Land Speed Record at Bonneville.  Kel put a call out for sponsors earlier this year and achieved her goal, I am happy that I could be part of that!  Next stop for Team Hellcat, Bonneville!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

1125R Upgrade (Part II)

I have been procrastinating on the 1125R electrical repair; procrastinating for two reasons.  First, I am back at work so time is limited and second, I am riding the Street Glide when I have free time!  I decided that this weekend, I would continue the repair.  Here's how I made out!

Seat, battery and airbox removed.

Stator wires disconnected from harness

Stator wire pulled through harness channel (use mechanic's wire)

Stator cover removed & one well done stator (toasted)!

Damaged stator and new stator

New stator installed

Stock rotor and sprag clutch removed

Crankshaft and starter gears

EBR modified rotor & stock rotor

EBR rotor with sprag clutch

I still have to torque the rotor (295 ft/lbs) and need to borrow a 3/4" torque wrench for that.  Once that is complete, reassembly and I should be good to go.  Will keep you posted!

Until next time, ride safe!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

1125R Upgrade

After procrastinating and some pressure from my good friend Luc, I finally started work on the charging system upgrade for my 1125R...the first stage~!

Stage 1: 1st - consult service manual, 2nd - remove the stock exhaust (look at the size of that exhaust can), 3rd - drain engine oil.

Love electronic versions of service manuals!

Stock exhaust can removed

Look at the size of that beast! I am thinking that it is not going back on. Smaller after market might be the way to go, maybe a HMF slip on from Erik Buell Racing.

HMF slip on exhaust

Drain engine oil

New EBR modified rotor & associated parts

Next, I will tackle the stator cover, stator and rotor! Ride safe!