Friday, August 30, 2013

Team Sponsor

Check it out, can you find my name on the Team Hellcat sponsorship banner?


Like last year, I am very excited for Team Hellcat as they embark on their journey to set Land Speed Records at Bonneville!  As you may recall, Team Hellcat set world record times last year on a Harley Davidson Turbo-powered Sportster with a side car!

This year, they are heading back to Bonneville to attempt to set two additional Land Speed Records...two bikes, two riders!  Kelly Rogers aka @FieryPinkGirl will be one of the two riders from Team Hellcat to attempt to set a Land Speed Record at Bonneville.  Kel put a call out for sponsors earlier this year and achieved her goal, I am happy that I could be part of that!  Next stop for Team Hellcat, Bonneville!

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