Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cruising on A Fall Afternoon...

Our riding season here in New Brunswick is relatively short (late April-early October) so most riders try to make the most of it. The weather has started to turn and it is definitely Fall. We had our first frost last evening and this morning was very cool!

The weather forecast called for a sunny day with a high temperature of 15C/59F, so I decided that I would get out for a short cruise. I gathered all of my riding gear (full leathers) and got set for a ride.

It was about 7C/44F when I warmed up the V-Star 1100 Classic. I was not sure where I was going to go, so I just jumped on the bike and drove towards the city. I stopped for fuel and decided that I would take my favorite drive along the Saint John River to Lower Jemseg and then to Gagetown. I have probably done this ride 50 times and it never gets boring...there is always something new or beautiful to see. I have blogged about this ride on previous occasions .

The best thing abut today's ride was the traffic, it was non-existent! Therefore, I could cruise along at a nice leisurely pace. Even though it was cool, I enjoyed the scenery and had a very relaxing ride!

Along the way, I stopped in Lower Jemseg at The Grand Lake Marshes for a break. The Grand Lake Marshes is a Nature Preserve that has been set up by Ducks Unlimited.

I was hoping to get a view of an Osprey, but no luck. You can see the Osprey nest off in the distance.

The Lower Jemseg region is absolutely beautiful; it is farm country surrounded by the Saint John River Valley. If any or my Twitter friends have a chance to make it to NB, I will gladly take them on this tour! Here are pics of a farmer's field, the Marshes and the beautiful Saint John River!

The Grand Lake Marshes...

The beautiful Saint John River...

After the brief stop in Lower Jemseg, I proceeded to the Gagetown Ferry and crossed the Saint John River. The weather was starting to cool, so I decided to head for home. Overall, I put about 150KM on the bike and even with the cool weather, the ride was just what I needed...hard to describe, it is just a biker thing!

Hopefully, I will get another ride or two before it get's too cold!

Until next time, ride safe!