Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5 of 2013

2013 proved to be another excellent riding season and keeping with the tradition I started last year, here is my post related to my top 5 events of the 2013 season.  There were so many highlights to this past riding season that it was difficult to narrow it to just 5 events, but here goes!

5. Buell 1125R Fix - taking on the project of repairing the charging system on my Buell 1125R. I was confident about taking on this task as I researched it thoroughly and made sure that I had everything I needed to complete the repair.  The end result was a successful repair and getting the 1125R back on the road!

4. Coffee Runs - on three separate occasions this summer, my friend Luc and I rode 300km (round trip) just to have a cup of coffee.  The coffee shop we frequented, Honeybeans is located in St. Andrews, NB...they serve an excellent cup of java! If you are in St. Andrews, this is a must stop!

3. Fundy Trail Parkway - in August, my good friend Jeff, aka @joerocket made the ride from his place in New Hampshire to New Brunswick.  We had the opportunity to introduce Jeff to some of our friends and take him on a short tour of the NB coast.  We took Jeff on a ride to the Fundy Trail Parkway.  I love the beauty of this area and I am pretty sure that Jeff liked it too!

2. Maine/New Hampshire/Massachusetts/New York/Vermont Ride - this was an awesome ride!  My friend Luc and I complete a long ride each summer and this summer's 2600km ride did not disappoint!  We visited with Jeff and Stephanie in New Hampshire and rode with Jeff to Mount Greylock, MA; it was an incredible ride!  We also toured New York State, including the Catskills, the Baseball Hall of Fame and many other areas in Vermont and New Hampshire!

1. My New Ride - my top highlight for the 2013 season was the purchase of a new 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide! I had wanted a Street Glide for some time and this past year, the timing was right to make a move.  I put over 10,000km on the Street Glide this season and enjoyed very single minute!

I am already looking forward to the 2014 riding season and can't wait to hit the road and share time with friends!  Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2014!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Spirit

Over the past week, the weather in Atlantic Canada has been frightful !  Snow and ice storms have created havoc, especially in the southern part of the province.  Many had to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day without power!  We are fortunate that we did not loose power, but I feel for those who have lost power/utility service, especially at this time of year!  Despite the circumstances, a few of my friends put a positive twist by having a good old fashioned Christmas.

Yesterday, I received a most pleasant Christmas surprise!  I was in my yard chipping away at the inches of ice in my driveway trying to get down to the asphalt...the driveway was a complete mess!  While I was working away, a courier van stopped at the end of my driveway and the delivery guy handed me a package; I signed for it and wished the delivery guy a Merry Christmas.  I looked at the package and figured that someone in my family had purchased something online for me.

I checked with family; nobody ordered anything online!  I was left wondering what could this be and decided to open the package. Inside, I found a copy of the book "Ghost Rider" by Neal Peart and a note from my good friends Jeff aka @joerocket and his wife Stephanie!

For several reasons, this gift instantly brought a smile to my face! First, because it was from Jeff and Stephanie, this makes the book extra special!  Second, it is a book that I have wanted to read and third, I am a huge Rush fan...I have seen them live three times and think they are one of the best rock bands in the world!

A big thank you and Merry Christmas to Jeff and Stephanie, I look forward to reading every page of this book!  Also, thank you for sharing the Christmas spirit; I am already looking forward to Spring and a time when we share some of the same road!

Wishing all a truly Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!