Sunday, October 21, 2012

CBR 1000RR

Last week, my good friend Luc purchased a new sport bike...a 2008 Honda CBR 1000RR!  He texted me last week to let me know about the purchase and we had a great laugh because we couldn't figure out who was more excited, me or Luc!  I was finally able to get over to see the bike and what a treat, the machine is absolutely mint!

 CBR 1000RR

Luc and I had a great chat about the bike and agreed that we needed to get out for a ride, even if it meant freezing our butts off!  Today, the weather cleared and we were able to get out for a ride on the sport bikes.  We decided to do the Gagetown Ferry - Young's Cove - Jemseg route; a ride that we have done many times and never get tired of!  Great day of riding and congrats Luc on the new ride!

1125R & CBR 1000RR at Gagetown Ferry

Bikes at Covered Bridge Tourist Information Centre

Grand Lake

"Buell"igan or Hooligan?

Luc & his CBR 1000RR

The 2012 riding season has been a great one...until next time, ride safe!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 Fall Ride

Fall is here, the leaves have turned colors and soon it will be time to put my motorcycles away for the winter.  Today, my friend Luc and I hit the road for a fall ride through the Grand Lake area and the Miramichi River Valley.  The colors were spectacular and the weather was good (cold weather riding gear required). The 260km loop was just right for this time of year.

Grand Lake - Miramichi River Loop

A highlight of today's ride was a stop along the Miramichi River at the McNamee-Priceville Footbridge. 

Miramichi River

Luc had never been to the renowned Miramichi River footbridge, so we took a trek across the bridge.

McNamee-Priceville Footbridge

Priceville side of Footbridge

Luc on the Bridge

I hope that I can get another ride or two in before I put the motorcycles away for the winter, but that will depend on the weather.  With my work schedule, my riding is pretty much restricted to weekends...keeping my fingers crossed!

Keep your right hand cranked and ride safe!