Sunday, November 10, 2013

HD goes Urban!

The Harley Davidson Motor Company generated a lot of buzz at the EICMA and online with the release of two new bikes, the HD Street 500 and 750.

HD is going after new markets with the Street models; the younger urban generation and new motorcycle riders. The blackened out Street will be cheaper than the Sportster and should be attractive to the younger generation.  In addition, it should be attractive as an urban commuter, small and light, yet enough power to get you around.

There is no doubt that the Harley Davidson brand is recognized world wide and this might be a move that will secure the brand even further.  Sure, there will be critics and the die hard HD riders might look down on this, but simply put, this is a marketing that should increase the HD brand across the globe and generate new HD owners.

If HD plays this right, this might just be a sign of marketing genius! Time will tell!