Saturday, August 3, 2013

1125R Upgrade

After procrastinating and some pressure from my good friend Luc, I finally started work on the charging system upgrade for my 1125R...the first stage~!

Stage 1: 1st - consult service manual, 2nd - remove the stock exhaust (look at the size of that exhaust can), 3rd - drain engine oil.

Love electronic versions of service manuals!

Stock exhaust can removed

Look at the size of that beast! I am thinking that it is not going back on. Smaller after market might be the way to go, maybe a HMF slip on from Erik Buell Racing.

HMF slip on exhaust

Drain engine oil

New EBR modified rotor & associated parts

Next, I will tackle the stator cover, stator and rotor! Ride safe!

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