Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mount Greylock

Recently my friend Luc and I completed a six day ride through Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont.  One of the many highlights of this trip was reconnecting with my friend Jeff aka @joerocket and his wife Stephanie!  On day 1, we rode from Fredericton, NB to Amherst, New Hampshire; Jeff and Stephanie offered accommodations, a great BBQ dinner and an evening of friendship!

Jeff had planned on riding with us on day 2 and suggested that we ride to Mount Greylock, near Adams MA.  Jeff explained the significance of the mountain as it is the highest point in Massachusetts!  On the morning of day 2, we were up early, bikes loaded and headed for Adams, MA. The two and a half hour ride to Adams was fun, beautiful scenery and great roads. We stopped in Adams for fuel and a drink and from their it was off to Mount Greylock and one of the best rides I have ever been on!  Twenty minutes of pure joy, riding on a perfect road to the top of a mountain.  Check out the GoPro video that was taken from the engine guard on my Street's worth 20 minutes of your time!

Many thanks to Jeff and Stephanie for their hospitality and for the guided trip to Mount Greylock!  More to follow on road trip...ride safe!

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