Monday, July 22, 2013

Close Call!

Today, I came the closest that I have ever come to a serious motorcycle accident, all because of a stupid driver! Let me paint the picture...I was returning home from a short ride and was approaching my house. I am riding in the right lane (in proper riding position) and I live on the right side of the road in a residential a simple right turn, no crossing of lanes or traffic.

As per usual, I put my right turn signal on well in advance and check my mirrors. I see a SUV fastly approaching behind me so I throw up a right arm turn signal too (right turn signal light is still on & brake light is on) hoping this driver would see me. I was just getting ready to turn right and into my driveway, took another look behind and noticed that this SUV was not slowing down and is right on my tail...there is no way the SUV is going to be able to stop for my turn right! My only option was to quickly swerve to the left, no time...the SUV is right there! The driver in the SUV speeds by me on the inside right! If I hadn't swerved, there is no doubt that I would NOT be posting this message! This happened right in front of my house! This could have been a very serious happened in a fraction of a second and would have resulted in me being pasted all over the road!

I am not sure if the driver in the SUV was texting, talking on a cell phone or doing something else...all I know is that he/she did not see me! I pulled into my yard and could not believe what had just happened! After my heart stopped racing, I was just ticked off!

So, why am I posting this? To remind my motorcycle friends to be diligent and to ride defensively, assume nothing! To automobile drivers, please watch for us and pay attention at all times...a text message, phone call, etc., is not worth taking the life of a motorcyclist!

Okay, rant finished! I feel better now! Ride and drive safe!

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