Saturday, June 22, 2013

1125R Breakdown

Thought my ride on the 1125R this afternoon was going to be fun, not the case! Check engine and battery light came on, System Voltage Error, watched voltage drop from 12V to 10V to 8V then complete shut down! As soon as error appeared, I headed for home as fast as I could, bike died 500m from my house! Good thing it is downhill, I coasted home and into driveway! Tried boosting with power-pack, nothing! Battery is on charger, but I know the verdict!

2009's are famous for stator burning up at 8-10 thousand kilometers and I have 10K on mine. This is going to cost me as the only real fix is through Erik Buell Racing!  EBR Rotor Upgrade - $450, Crankshaft Tool - $65, Rotor Nut - $14.95, Gasket Kit - $15.95, Stator Rewind - $165 + shipping & duty, possibly voltage regulator ($150) and new battery ($125) too. Somehow, this is not sounding like the "priceless" MasterCard commercial!  I can't be too upset as I knew this would happen at some point in time!

Good thing I have the Street Glide!

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