Monday, July 2, 2012

The Best Rides

A quote famous among bikers..."the best rides are the unplanned rides" and true how that is!  Yesterday, my friend Luc and I planned on having a breakfast meeting to discuss our upcoming ride to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We met early in the morning, jumped on the rockets and proceeded to a local restaurant for breakfast.

We had a short discussion, great food and decided that we should go on a ride!  Luc said, "where to" and I said you decide as I made the choice last time.  Luc said, let's head towards Saint John and maybe St. Andrews and off we went!  We made a quick stop for fuel in Welsford on NB Route 7 and proceeded towards Saint John and NB Route 1.  BTW, did I mention that Luc and I are really enjoying the Scala 4 Bluetooth Systems!  We had a great chat along the way and it really adds to the riding experience.

As we approached the exit to St. George, we decided that it was time for a coffee.  We stopped at the local Tim's for a hot beverage.  While having coffee, I asked Luc if he wanted to go to Deer Island...being the easy going guy that Luc is, his response was "okay"!  I grabbed my cell phone and called my good friend Karl, to see if he was at his summer residence on Deer Island and lucky for us, he was!  Luc and I took our cruisers to Deer Island in 2009 on a similar unplanned ride.  We finished our coffee and headed for the Deer Island Ferry!

The weather was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed the 20 minute ferry ride to Deer Island.  Upon arrival on the Island, we stopped at my friend's summer residence and he was not there...he said if he was not home to head to Deer Island Point, so off we went.  We met my friend Karl on the road to Deer Island Point and he said that there was a Vintage Motorcycle Show at Deer Island about luck, we had no idea that this was going on and what a pleasant surprise!

After a short chat, we agreed to meet Karl back at his place after we had a chance to attend the Vintage Motorcycle Show!  Here are a few pics of what we saw...

Norton with Side Car

Triumph with Side Car

Best bike in the show - Ariel Motorcycle!

Even saw another Buell!

Luc and I both enjoyed the Vintage MC Show!  We walked around for a bit and then jumped on the bikes to visit with Karl.  We had a great visit and were in awe from the scenic view from Karl's place.  We said our thanks and good-byes and headed for the ferry ride back to to the mainland.

Many of the bikes that were at the MC Show where on the same crossing as us, so I had a chance to grab a few more pics and to chat with some of the owners.

Once we arrived on the mainland we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then the 150km ride home.  The ride home was great, not much traffic and a pleasant riding speed (that's our story, right Luc!).  We did stop in Harvey Station for a quick stretch and bottle of water.  While there, we had a great chat with a group of Harley riders who were in New Hampshire for bike week...they gave us several recommendations for our ride to NH!

We arrived back in town and figured we were gone 10 hours and rode 300+ kilometers...that's a long breakfast meeting!  Nice weather, good friend and "the best rides are the unplanned rides"!

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