Monday, July 20, 2009

Cool Pic...

Yesterday I came across a really cool blog called The Daily Rider. I was instantly impressed with the photography skills of the owner of this blog and the look of his photos...I immediately added it to the list of blogs I read.

I am not that creative when it comes to photography, but wanted to try something different and was inspired by what I saw at The Daily Rider here it is (with a little help from GIMP)! I call in Ninja & the Beast!

Now, I have to go finish some last minute things in preparation for tomorrow's motorcycle trip to the Magdalen Islands!

Til next time, ride safe!


  1. Facey,
    The B/W did you justice with this work.
    Very nice job.
    Nice to be inspired!

  2. First thanks for the link, I really like his style with picture and a little explanation. There pictures tell the story very well. Second very interesting picture I just live B&W and creative ones at that. Third enjoy the ride and looking forward to reading about it

  3. Very well done! I agree with Chessie on this :) *twothumbsup*