Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twitter & Motorcycles

I started using Twitter just over a year and a half ago after it was introduced by a colleague of mine. Initially, I joined Twitter as part of my personal learning network (PLN) to stay up to date with the latest trends and happenings in educational technology.

I still follow many people associated with educational technology, but there has been a transition in my Twitter use. It has expanded to cover my passion for motorcycling. Expanded so much that I now spend more time using Twitter to learn about motorcycles and communicate with like minded people.

It is so interesting to listen to others and their stories. One of the people I follow is @chesshirecat, she keeps an excellent online blog of her adventures.

Her blog, Chessie's Tales, Motorcycles and Rides, contains vivid descriptions of rides on her Harley mixed with digital photographs that let her share her journey with others. Chessie is the one who inspired me to start keeping a blog of my motorcycle adventures.

Another Twitter user that I enjoy following is @ironworksmag, from Iron Works Magazine. They keep a blog site called IWBlogger which is another must read.

I look forward to Fridays when they have “You be the Judge”. They post a pic of a custom motorcycle and you get to comment on it. I am by no means a custom bike builder, but I have rebuilt several stock bikes over the years, including the most recent Ninja 250 Project. I enjoy reading and adding comments even with my lack of experience with custom bikes.

@Dragonwheels is another must follow. His stories of the Welsh countryside make me want to go there. Craig maintains an excellent blog that covers the tours he provides for motorcycle enthusiasts. His Dragon Wheel Tours website contains all the info.

The images that he posts make me want to tour the area. I have only been to London, but someday I just have to tour with this guy! Make sure that you click on the Blog link!

Other interesting follows include @Fredmotorco and @harleymac1. @harleymac1 hosts an online talk show on Sunday evenings, I have connected several times and the discussions are always most interesting. @Fredmotorco is usually part of the talk show too! Visit @harleymac1's blog...Motorcycle Nation Podcast. Check out Fred Motor Company as well!

Closer geographically to where I live is @TWNE. @TWNE keeps an excellent blog of his journeys through the beautiful New England States, check it out Two Wheel New England.

Finally, I recently started following @viridari. His brief posts about his Triumph are fun to read and the guy is an incredible photographer! His blog, Visions From a Stained Mind contains some of his work, also check out his Flickr site...excellent B & W shots of rods and bikes!

Until next time, ride safe!


  1. I enjoy your posts!

    I'm going to try hard to get on your list!
    Just haven't had much time yet for any long or scenic rides, just a litle bar hoppin'. As soon as I get a nice trip documented, I'll be sure to let you know.

    Later brotha'


    PS check out my post from earlier today of my trip to's kind of

  2. Nice post! I enjoyed your link to your 250 project :)

  3. Hey man thanks for the mention. I just got back from a nearly 200 mile spontaneous cruise to get a Burger King meal somewhere in Virginia. The Triumph held up well. ;)

  4. Thanks for the mention, I'm working on adding some of my freinds blogs to the blogroll, will get there eventually!

  5. Thank you very much - I enjoy reading many of the folks I've also been following on Twitter and enjoy following yourself my neighbor to the North.

  6. Thanks for mentioning IronWorks magazine and the IWBlogger. Your a standup guy and I enjoy reading your blog. See you around Twitter!

  7. Hey, Nice post! I ride on the back, and blog about it.(Back Seat Bikermomma)I have added you on blogs I follow and will update my page soon! looking forward to more posts. (these are all great people, worth the mention!)