Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Driver's License...another adventure!

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

In a few weeks, my son will take the Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Course. Hopefully he will pass and at the same time get tested for his motorcycle license. He already has his license to drive a car.

In order to prepare for your motorcycle license you have to write and pass a written examination or what we call here a "Beginner's Permit". Well, today my son had to do the written exam.

This is kind of a funny story! My son had an appointment at the Motor Vehicle Branch to write his exam. He arrived and was ready! He paid his fees and then was given the exam. He told me that he struggled a bit as the questions were not what he expected and there was nothing on the exam about motorcycles. Well, my son passed the exam in to be marked and told the examiner that he did not know the answers. They marked the exam and he passed. At that point, they realized that they gave the poor kid the wrong exam! They gave him the exam for a commercial truck driver! He said that he was wondering what truck loads, etc. had to do with driving a motorcycle.

After a good laugh by all parties, they gave him the appropriate exam for a "Motorcycle Beginner's Permit"...he passed with flying colors! Next, the Motorcycle Training Course!

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  1. Thats funny - congrats on passing the learners permit and I wish him many miles of safe travel.. what a great way to spend time with your son