Monday, May 4, 2009

Cruise #2 - Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Well we had another good bike run on Sunday, yet it was a bit shorter than the previous weekend…by about 300 KM. The weeks ride took us through the beautiful Saint John River Valley. This is not my pic, but it gives you an idea of the beauty!

Photo credit - iskanderbenamor via Creative Commons

If you ever get up here, I will gladly take you on this cruise...approximately 200 KM! We started in Fredericton and followed the route shown in the two maps below.

This view provides greater detail:

The weather was a bit cool and the sky was overcast. My traveling partner for the day was my friend Luc and his VTX 1300. Our first stop was at 30KM as we were both in need of an early morning coffee. There were lots of bikes out and it seemed that most of them had the same idea as us, coffee. After filling up on java, we took a back route to make a quick visit with our friend Marty AKA: “Bulldog” and his wife Sue! We tried to convince him to join us, but we were unsuccessful in our bid…his daughter is getting married in a couple of weeks and he had things to do!

From there, Luc decided we should follow the old Trans Canada highway along the Saint John River...Route 102. It is very scenic and I should have taken some pics...but I didn't. The plan was to stop in Longs Creek for lunch. We arrived and the restaurant was full! At that point I suggested another place about 20km up the road...little did I know it had went out of business!

Well, the only alternative was to head another 25 KM to Nackawic...a small mill town to see if we could find some food. The town of Nackawic is really quire beautiful and is the home of the world's largest axe!

Photo credit - Chris Campbell via Creative Commons

Luc and I stopped by a pub in Nackawic only to find out they did not have a menu, only snacks. We were both pretty hungry so snacks would not make the grade! We asked for suggestions and they recommended the local golf course. Off, we ventured to the local golf course for a meal. We were the only customers, yet there were lots of golfers on the course! We each ordered a meal and a beer. The food was good as was the service!

After our feed, we decided that we would follow Route 105 along the Saint John River...about a 70 KM ride. It is scenic and goes through farm country. Luc and I had a great laugh as we got stuck behind a tractor hauling a full load of manure! The road is rough and has lots of twists and turns,so we stayed behind the load of manure for awhile...long enough that the smell really cleaned out my sinuses!

The cruise home was good, but I was really starting to get chilled...getting wimpy in my old age! All in all, it was a great day cruising! Any cruise on the bike is better than no cruise at all!


  1. Looks like a nice ride and good day on the road - heading to Nova Scotia this summer and now I am thinking I'd rather not take the ferry from Maine and actually discover some of your riding area on the way.

  2. Thanks for taking us all along with you. Great looking V-Star as well.

    Ride on,