Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Ride...May 31st, 2009

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day, the weather was nice and we had a planning meeting for our summer motorcycle trip. We also went on a ride to the community of Gagetown.

The planning meeting took place at Frank’s Finer Diner, a 1950’s era style restaurant which is very close to where I live.
All of the founding members of “Bulldog’s Motorcycle Club” where in attendance…all four of us!

During breakfast, we discussed our trip to the Magdalen Islands and settled on the dates. Once the dates were settled, Luc reserved spots on the ferry for us as they fill up rather quickly. Check out the Magdalen Islands web site, it looks like a marvelous place. I better brush up on my French a bit too!

After breakfast, we decided that we would do a run on the north side of the Saint John River to Lower Jemseg and catch the ferry to Gagetown…a small but very scenic village.

The drive along the Saint John River is quite scenic and is one of my favorite rides. We arrived in Jemseg only to find out that the ferry was down for maintenance.

After a “what now” moment and a brief discussion, we decided to back track and take an alternate road route to Gagetown, you can see it clearly in the map (points B & C). Click on the map for a full view.

Once in Gagetown, we stopped at the Old Boot Pub, it is a popular stop for motorcyclists. You can see from the pics below that we were not the only bikers who stopped by.

We relaxed on the back deck of the pub, had a great view of the river and enjoyed a cold beverage.

I could not resist taking a pic of this Road King outside of the pub, what a beautiful machine! I had better start saving some dollars as I would really like to have one of these someday!

Our return route was on highway 102 on the south side of the Saint John River. On our way, we decided to stop and visit with a friend who just purchased a new to him Honda Sabre 1100. It is a very nice machine with very low mileage. I expect he will soon be joining us on some of our rides.

Total distance on Sunday’s run was approximately 160 KM, not a long distance, but a very fun ride with friends!

Until next time, ride safe!

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