Saturday, June 27, 2009

Very Excited!

My 16 year old son completed the Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Course last weekend and was successful in obtaining his motorcycle license. He was just thrilled and it has been fun talking with him about safety and driving a motorcycle. The weather has not been that cooperative this week and my son has been just itching to get out for a drive on his Ninja 250.

This morning we woke to rain, but had a chance to get out between showers for some riding. I drove the Ninja 250 to a local school parking lot while my son followed in my truck. The plan was to let him drive/practice with the Ninja 250 so he could get used to the handling, clutch, throttle, brakes, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well he handled the Ninja 250...smooth gear shifting, braking and acceleration. The team of instructors from last week's course did an excellent job teaching him how to ride a street bike!

My son spent about an hour practicing with the Ninja 250 with stops and starts, some slow riding and accelerating through the gears. He stopped and we talked a bit about his driving and the bike. I asked him how the bike handled and felt, he said, "Dad, it handles so much better than the bikes we trained on last weekend and the clutch is sweet!"

As we were talking, the sky became darker and we heard thunder off in the distance. We figured we had better head for home. My son drove the Ninja home with me following behind in my truck, he did very well driving on the street! As soon as we drove the Ninja 250 into the yard, the clouds let loose...good timing!

As a father, I am just thrilled to be able to share my passion for motorcycling with my son. He still has a lot to learn and will be traveling with me for the next little while. I learned to drive by taking the Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Course and I am glad my son has too (like he had a choice)! For others who want to learn how to drive, a motorcycle training course is essential!

Until next time, ride safe!


  1. That is so awesome! I'm sure my father felt the same way when I rode with him the first time. He has been riding for 50 years. :)

    We got stuck in rain halfway from my old apartment to my parents' house (they live in the next county over). He rode his bike up just so he could ride back together with me. And then after I took a nap (cause I was wiped after my first "long distance ride"!) and drying my clothes, I got back on the bike to ride back home. My father rode back in his car. He had the pleasure of watching me drop my bike right in front of him in traffic as I was stopped on a hill and stalled out. (Oops!) But I yanked it back up and he pulled up beside me and told me to "get back on it and go." :) Of course, I did. Fathers are the best!

  2. Great post!

    I hope your son realizes how lucky he is to have a father like you. My father is an adventurous lad but never rode a motorcycle. It pains me to know that riding a motorcycle is comparable to poetry but for the road - yet my father isn't partaking in such a pleasurable activity.

    I should have taken the motorcycle course. My course was to drive on the road for a summer without my license... my heart beating everytime I saw a police car.

    Riding is about the best thing in the world. It's a shame that we live in a climate where the riding season is so short. However, we take advantage of the nice weather whenever we can get it. It's that much more precious.


  3. I so enjoyed this post! Mentoring our young ones, teaching them "The Code of the West" so to speak is one of the most honorable things we can do for our kids, it gets even better when they take for themselves the path of the two wheeled heart stimulator....
    Congrats to you Facey and Son...your on the road to some great times together.