Friday, June 5, 2009

Biking as Therapy

For those of you who have been following my newly created blog or following me on Twitter, you have probably figured out my passion for motorcycling. For me, driving a bike provides an experience like no other! When I get a chance to go for a cruise, whether it is with friends or on my own, I get into my “motorcycling zone”! A zone where I concentrate on my driving, enjoy the scenery and the aromas that can only be experienced on a motorcycle. When cruising in the zone, I often find myself singing or humming the tune to a song while thinking about the surroundings and the road ahead of me. I find this very relaxing and therapeutic.

For example, this week was pretty stressful at work...dealing with the economic downturn, budgets cuts, etc! I really like my job, but today, I could not get out of there fast enough! My plan was to go home, jump on my bike and go for a short cruise to clear my mind AKA “my therapy”! Before leaving the office I posted this on Twitter, “TGIF, the weekend is here! I am outta this office and going for a cruise...catch ya later!!!”

I arrived home to find my 18 year old daughter standing at the door with motorcycle helmets, dressed and ready to go for a cruise. Apparently, she started to follow me on Twitter and could read between the lines of my Twitter post. What a great kid! Here she is on the V-Star.

We pulled out the V-Star 1100 Classic and went for a two hour cruise, it was great! We arrived back home, my head was clear and ready to face the rest of the weekend! This is therapy that no shrink can provide and perhaps only a biker can understand! Not that I want to sound cheesy or like the MasterCard commercial, but cruising after work, clearing my mind and quality time with my daughter – PRICELESS!

Weather forecast for this weekend is great, so I expect I will get a few more miles in. Until next time, drive safe!


  1. Great therapy indeed. Keep on biking!

  2. Facey its amazing how much we think alike - riding is also therapy for me. It is the only thing I do that can clear my mind, its my passion to be on two wheels and takes all the stress of every day life away for that short time and to do it with family and friends makes me appreciate it all that much more.

    Nice post enjoy the rest of the weekend

  3. I've always and shall continue to insist that the most expensive motorcycle is cheaper than a psychiatrist....

  4. I have written about the same thing! I am in total agreement-there is nothing like it!

  5. Sounds great, Bryan. My kids are still young, so it sounds wonderful to be able to do things like that together.

  6. Therapy indeed. Money cannot buy a better prescription.