Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nova Scotia Day 5 - Evangeline Trail

Day 5 - It rained really hard the previous night and there was a threat of rain for day 5, but we lucked out...just clouds and hot muggy weather. Like other days, we got an early morning start for the Evangeline Trail and the Annapolis Valley. The trail follows Nova Scotia Route 1 and is very country, apple orchards and the Fundy Basin. Our afternoon destination was Digby, Nova Scotia and the Princess of Acadia Ferry. From there we would would cross the Bay of Fundy and make the journey home. Total distance for the day - 415 kilometers, this includes the three hour ferry crossing from Digby to Saint John.

The ride from Halifax to Windsor along Route 1 was quite enjoyable as there was very little traffic. We stopped in Windsor for a coffee and a quick bite to eat and then proceeded through the rest of the Annapolis Valley. Our next stop was at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Acadia University is well recognized for academic excellence, among other things.

Zal on the steps at Acadia University

After a short stop we made our way through the rest of the Annapolis was a beautiful ride through several small communities. It brought back many memories as I lived in this region as a teenager. Next stop was the Town of Annapolis Royal. This is another must stop location as the town is rich in history and views the Fundy Basin.

One of the gems of this community is Fort Anne, one of Canada's historic sites. "Fort Anne National Historic Site of Canada is Canada's oldest - a present day reminder of a time when conflict between Europe's empire builders was acted out on the shores of the Annapolis River. It offers a sweeping view of the beautiful Annapolis Basin from the centre of Annapolis Royal. Museum exhibits highlight the history of the fort." (Parks Canada)

Fort Anne

Defending the Fundy Basin

The Fundy Basin

Our final destination of the day was next, Digby, NS. We jumped on the bikes and made the thirty minute ride from Annapolis Royal to Digby. We were a bit pressed for time as we were scheduled for the 4 o'clock ferry crossing and we wanted to ensure that we had time for a feed of world famous "Digby Scallops"!

Once in Digby, we went downtown to the waterfront in search of the infamous Digby Scallop!
Digby Waterfront

We found the scallops that we were looking for and ordered take out as we had to get to the ferry terminal. Once at the ferry terminal we had the chance to enjoy our meal, we ate from the back of Zal's motorcycle trailer.

After finishing our scallops, we loaded the Princess of Acadia for the three hour crossing. It was a foggy sail across the Bay of Fundy and visibility was limited.

The three hour crossing was uneventful and when we arrived in Saint John, Luc and I said good-bye to Zal and set out on our way back to Fredericton. We had a great ride home, there was very little traffic and we arrived home just before dark.

Like last year, this was a great 5 day road trip and you could not find better guys to ride with! Luc and Zal are very easy going and we all have similar interests! I can't wait until next year's trip...destination to be determined!

Ride safe!


  1. Great post as always Facey

    Hey, you should really get a job with Tourism Canada, eh?

    The scenery looks awesome, and roads look very motorcycle friendly. I might have to twist your arm and get you to lead a tour for an Aussie or two. ;)