Monday, July 25, 2011

Nova Scotia Day 4 - Halifax

Day 4 ended up being our shortest ride...153 kilometers, from New Glasgow, NS to Halifax, NS. Will explain why in a bit...

However it was not without adventure! We noticed a short way into the ride that Zal lost his riding lights, signal lights and brake lights. We stopped in Truro, NS for fuel and decided we were going to get to the bottom of Zal's electrical problem. First we pulled the side panel off the fairing of Zal's FJR 1300 and checked the fuse panel.

Next, we unhooked the trailer and checked the lights on Zal's bike, they worked so we knew it was an electrical issue between the trailer and the bike. Zal pulled the cover off the trailer wiring connector to discover a wire had worked itself free.

While Zal was fixing the wiring issue, he told us that he had dropped a small set screw on the ground, so Luc and I got on our hands and knees for the search. After a bit, we found the set screw.

It took the better part of an hour to fix Zal's wiring issue and then we were back on the road headed towards Halifax, Dartmouth actually. Our first stop in Dartmouth was the local Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki dealer Pro Cycle Limited. Luc and I are interested in purchasing communicators and we wanted to see what they had in stock. Unfortunately, there was nothing in stock.

Before leaving the motorcycle dealer, we had to decide where to ride to for the afternoon. Initially, we were going to ride to Peggy's Cove, but we opted to play tourist instead. We found accommodations, parked the bikes, changed into shorts and were tourists.

We caught the ferry from Dartmouth to the Halifax waterfront and found a good pub for lunch. Halifax is the largest city in Nova Scotia and the commercial hub of the region. It is also home to a large Canadian Naval Base.

Halifax-Dartmouth Ferry

Angus L. MacDonald Bridge

Halifax Waterfront

Once at the Halifax Waterfront, we stopped to watch some glass blowers demonstrating their trade...very cool!

We spent some time touring the waterfront and ended up at the Split Crow Pub, a place that I frequented when I worked the summer in Halifax in the early 80's...still a great place! Along the way, we ran into this guy!

After a few hours at the Split Crow, we met up with friends of Luc and went out to dinner, a nice way to finish off the evening. It was another great day and the three of us came to consensus that it was a great way to spend the day, relaxing and enjoying good company! Oh ya, we got caught in a huge thunderstorm and downpour on the way back to the hotel!

Next, day 5...the Evangeline Trail and the Annapolis Valley!

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