Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Great Ride...

Today my good friend Luc and I had a meeting with our friend Zal. Zal lives approximately 140kms from us, so we were looking forward to riding to meet with him. Luc and I exchanged several e-mails and decided we would take the sport bikes.

I met Luc around 10:00am and said let's do something different...rather than travel the boring old highway route, let's go the back way to Zal's through the Village of Cambridge-Narrows. Luc is very easy going (why we are so compatible as riding partners) and simply said ok. We checked out Google Maps, printed a hard copy and were on our way.

The drive along the Saint John River was beautiful as always. We stopped in Cambridge-Narrows, checked out our map and continued on our way. From there , we kind of went astray, a few wrong turns on back roads and several u-turns. We stopped in one place and asked a young fellow for directions and he said that you go down the road and catch the ferry. We went down the road and this is what we found!

What now?

Lucky for us, a lady in a car stopped near by and we asked about the ferry being closed. She informed us that we were at the wrong ferry...go figure! She gave us directions and we ended up in the community of Kars and the Belleisle Bay Ferry crossing.

Belleisle Bay Ferry Crossing

On the ferry (Luc)

Belleisle Bay

After the ferry crossing, we made our way to the Town of Hampton, stopped for fuel and then on to the Irving Big Stop in Rothesay to meet with Zal, albeit two hours late! It was really great to see Zal again, we had great laughs as we talked about last year's trip along the Gaspe Coast and talked about where we would ride to in the next few weeks. The nice thing about Zal & Luc as traveling partners is their easy going manner. All we decided on was the date and the province; we are going to travel to Nova Scotia and go where the roads take plan, the same as last year!

We had a good lunch and then parted ways. Luc and I took the highway home, relatively boring as it is, but we thoroughly enjoyed the fact that we ended up off our original route on the way to meet Zal and that we traveled through some stunning scenery and twisty roads.

Until next time, ride safe and keep the right hand cranked!


  1. That's why you should never leave home without a GPS!

  2. Great to see you guys again. Maybe we can convince Carm to tag along!