Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Walk

At times I complain about the winter weather and where I live, but the truth be known, I do really love Atlantic Canada. Today was a perfect winter day, sunny with a temperature of -3C/ I dug out my old ash snowshoes and decided to go for a walk in the woods. (Click on the pictures for a full view, especially the last picture)

At the present time, the area behind my house is wooded. That will change soon as there is going to be a new school built and unfortunately the trees will go. You can see below that the survey lines have already been cut.

Neighborhood deer have been using the trail.

I came across this fresh deer trail, I suspect that there must have been three to four deer traveling together to cut a trail in the snow like this.

The snowshoeing was good and it did not take long to break into a sweat.

I did come across what we call a "snow hole"; it is generally snow on top of some brush and when you step on one, you sink quite deeply or fall. As you can see from the snow, I wiped out!

My total walk lasted about two hours and the walk back home was mush easier as I had already made the trail in the snow.

It was a beautiful day for a snowshoeing walk in the woods. This last pic I took would have to be my favorite of the day, some ice melting on the branch of a tree.

I will get my motorcycle fix next weekend as I am traveling to the Atlantic Motorcycle Show! Keep the right hand cranked and for those of you who get to ride at this time of year, ride safe!


  1. It was a beautiful day for a walk in the snow - lovely pics! Though I'm happy about the new school, I wish you didn't have to lose your great "back yard".

  2. Awesome pictures. Such a shame that they are going to cut.all those beautiful trees down. :( It looks you had a beautiful day. I'll keep the right wrist on the throttle for you until all that white stuff goes away and your Buell can finally be free again. Thank you for sharing a beautiful afternoon with us.

  3. So incredible! We all talk about how much we love the sunshine but, from a former California girl.. I didnt know what I was missing. And, the Californians dont appreciate what they have, its just there. You live in a beautiful part of the world and I loved experiencing it through your pictures. Thank you, my friend!

  4. Wow! What a beautiful site with all that snow! Even though I think it's beautiful, I could still only last a day in it :) I'll keep my sunshine in SC thank you ;) I'd probably trip and fall over those snow shoes before I even got out the