Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Diecasts (Updated)

Update - I forgot to to add my new Benelli Tornado 1130 diecast to this post (see below). I also added my Buell 1125R diecast that I received as a gift from @zaltech last summer (thanks again Zal).
Several weeks ago, I received a diecast motorcycle as a gift. I was very pleased with the gift and wrote a short blog post about it. I took some vacation time over the Christmas break and during some idle time did an eBay search for diecast motorcycles...the end result was the purchase of a 1:12 scale Ducati Streetfighter and an Aprilla RSV1000R. Take a look...

Ducati Streetfighter

Aprilla RSV1000R

Benelli Tornado 1130

Buell 1125R (Summer 2010)


  1. Very nice! How do they ride...LOL
    I think I might want to start my own collection. Thanx for sharing..

  2. Awesome! Do they make an S1000RR? I'm sure that Hayabusas are available. I think I'm going to have to start my own collection too. They look fantastic!

  3. Excellent! Shooting in B/W is a great choice for this type of work! I think you've done a yourself a wonderful service here...fancy shooting! I'll retweet!

  4. That @zaltech dude must be really cool!



  5. Well, well, well...I fall behind on blog reading and come back to find this!!! I had no idea B and I'm sooo jealous! :) Congrats on your new purchases!!