Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally, the EBR 1190RS

Well, the photos hit the Internet today...the EBR 1190RS Street bike from Erik Buell Racing is here! Erik Buell Racing teased me all morning via Twitter /@erikbuellracing by posting small pics here and there of partial views of the EBR 1190RS. It was a Twitter post from Hell for Leather Magazine that came to my rescue and addressed my curiosity, so thanks Hell for Leather Magazine!

Photos: Steve Anderson/EBR

Photo: Ryan Merrill/Motorcycle USA

At first glance, it is a great looking machine...the only question that I have is why the move away from the under slung exhaust? I wish my 1125R had the same appearance, one thing I do not like about my bike is the two side mounted radiators...I prefer a look more like what we see here with the EBR 1190RS. I find the lines on the 1190RS appealing, almost European like. I look forward to finding out more about EBR and the release of the 1190RS.

Further information is available at Asphalt & and Cycle World. Make sure you check out Motorcycle USA as they have a good selection of pictures of the EBR 1190RS from the 2011 Indy Dealer Expo.

Until next time...ride safe!


  1. Although I have only seen it in pictures, I love the look. I wish Buell nothing but the best and think this looks like a great way to start!

  2. This would look so nice parked next to my S1000RR. Finally, Eric Buell designed a machine I love the looks of. I wonder if they make it in red. :) Dare I say it, but it looks to be time to buy American. I need to find somebody to let me test ride this puppy!

  3. Thanks for the comments, I am just thrilled to see EBR move back into the consumer market. It is also nice to see Erik have the same creative freedom that he had when he started!