Saturday, July 17, 2010

Next week's ride...starting July 23rd

Every summer, I take at least one long trip and this summer is no exception. For those who follow my blog, you may recall last summer's ride to the Magdalen Islands or Îles de la Madeleine. It was an excellent ride that I gave a 5 star rating!

This summer's ride will be a 1700km loop that will start in central New Brunswick, go around the Acadian Peninsula, tour the Gaspé Coast of Quebec and return home through northern New Brunswick.

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There will be two friends sharing the ride with me; Luc (Îles de la Madeleine ride), who is a friend that I regularly share the roads with and Al, AKA "Zal". I will be taking my Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic on this ride, Luc will have his Honda VTX 1300 and Zal will have his recently purchased Yamaha FJR 1300, complete with trailer.

The only thing we have planned is the route, the rest will fall into place. Since Zal is bringing his trailer, we will throw in a tent & camping gear should we have trouble finding accommodations.

Like last year, I will blog about the ride and share my experiences.

On closing note, Luc (CBR 900) & I (1125R) took our rockets to meet with Zal yesterday, it was a great 300+ KM ride through the scenic Saint John River countryside.

Stay tuned for updates and ride safe!

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  1. Looking forward to your blog and pictures when you get back! (P.S. My father rides a Honda VTX 1300 too :) )