Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 5 - The Ride Home (July 27, 2010)

We really enjoyed our time in Quebec City and as mentioned in my previous blog post, it is a must visit city! Our plan for day 5 was pretty simple, jump on the bikes and ride the 600+km back to Fredericton; 740km for Zal! We made a quick stop for fuel, coffee and a bite to eat and were on our way.

We rode from just outside Quebec City to Rivière-du-Loup before making a stop, approximately 190km. The only excitement, just outside of Rivière-du-Loup, I got stung by hornet just to the side of my right eye! Not fun when you are riding at a speed of 120kmh! We stopped for fuel and said good bye to La Belle Province (English: The Beautiful Province). We continued on Highway 20 and then on to the Trans Canada Highway #2.

The next stop was Grand Falls, NB...fuel & lunch at the Irving Big Stop. After that, we rode to Woodstock, NB for a quick stretch and then it was the last 100km to home.

Overall, this was an excellent 5 day ride! The Acadian Peninsula, the Gaspé Coast and Quebec City were amazing places to ride and visit...the pics and scenery are evidence of that! I would highly recommend these locations as motorcycle destinations. The weather was great...during the 5 days, we rode a total of one hour in the rain!

I also have to mention that Zal and Luc are excellent guys to ride with and I expect that we will be traveling together again!

Finally, to close off this 5 day ride, here are some random shots of the trip courtesy of Zal & Luc!

Luc gets a nice shot of the coastal highway!

Faceyman discovers his rear shock is leaking oil!

Luc has some tire pressure issues!

Zal has no worries!

A view from Zal's FJR 1300...

Stuck in road construction somewhere on the Gaspé Coast...

Zal makes new friends wherever we go!

Taking a picture from the bushes...

Our last stop!

Until next time, keep the right hand cranked and ride safe!


  1. Fantastic to read about your bike trip. Hope to visit that area some day myself. You guys know how to have a good time. Great pictures. Lucy

  2. Great job Faceyman. I really enjoyed reading about all of your adventures on this trip and also looking at the cool pics. Hope that all is well.

  3. Luc and Faceyman are awesome riding companions. I'm confident that we will ride together every summer until the old bones ache and the bikes get replaced by wheelchairs. Stress-free friends, zero conflict, lots of fun.

    Our only problem was that, despite making important executive decisions at work on a minute-by-minute basis, neither one of us could make a firm decision... too easy going :) which is not a terrible thing. "What do you want to do"? "I don't care... what about you?" - "It doesn't matter to me". - "Well if we had three choices, which would you prefer" - "It doesn't matter to me, they all sound pretty good".

    I say this tongue-in-cheek as it was pretty funny that we were just willing to do whatever.... no schedule, no firm plan, no stress... just riding, touring and enjoying the day. A bad day on the motorcycle is way better than a great day at work!

    And... you never see a motorcycle in a therapists' parking lot. The trip was just what I needed.

    Thanks Luc and Faceyman! Great mates all around!