Sunday, May 17, 2015

Street Glide Serviced

Yesterday was a great day!  I got up early in the morning, dug out my cold weather riding gear and jumped on the 1125R for a quick rip to the Harley Davidson dealership in Saint John.  The 250km round trip ride was excellent, little traffic and some alone time doing one of my favorite things!

I had an order waiting for a pick up, plus I needed an oil filter and o-ring/gasket kit for servicing my Street Glide.  After a quick chat with the boys at the Harley dealership, I threw my order into my backpack and hit the road. An interesting note, the 1125R always gathers attention at the Harley dealership.  Several people stopped to talk to me about the bike and wanted to know how it works, how I like, etc.

I arrived home around 11:30am and had one goal for the afternoon, service the Street Glide and get her ready for the road and that is exactly what I did.

Draining the Engine and Transmission Fluids

New O-Rings

Changing Primary Fluid


After torquing all of the bolts and adding fluids, I performed a complete check on all systems and fired up the Street more excuses, she is ready to go!  It is supposed to rain all day today, but tomorrow's Victoria Day holiday is looking very promising!  Ride safe!

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