Sunday, June 22, 2014

Project LiveWire

Kudos to the Motor Company, Harley Davidson for taking a risk and moving forward with the research, design and development of an electric motorcycle termed Project LiveWire!  As much as I love the internal combustion engine, I believe this is a risk worth taking and a risk that will attract a different market to the world of motorcycling.

There are several companies that are producing electric motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles, Brammo Motorcycles, Sora Motorcycles and I expect as technology improves, we are going to see electric motorcycles become a legitimate form of urban transportation.  Joanna Slater from the The Globe and Mail recently published an article, "A Hog with a greener growl: Harley Davidson gambles on an electric bike" that sums up Harley Davidson's Project LiveWire.

 Photo Credit: Harley Davidson

It is going to be interesting to follow Project LiveWire and to see what shows up from other major motorcycle manufacturers.  I am certain the R & D labs at Honda, Yamaha and others have something in the works!

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