Sunday, September 1, 2013

1125R Upgrade (Part IV)

This morning my good friend Luc came over and provided the second set of hands that were needed for the muffler install.  After a coffee and a quick chat, we put the stock exhaust back on the bike.  It's amazing how easy the stock can went back on with a little help!

Stock exhaust installed!

Next, we pulled the 1125R out into the yard to see if the EBR rotor and new stator install would work.  I was pretty confident as I really took my time on this job!

Getting ready for startup!

The 1125R started right up and mechanically, the engine sounds normal (very noisy).  Luc thought he could hear air sucking somewhere, so we removed the airbox cover and listened, it was hard to tell from that perspective.  One of the exhaust gaskets is just about shot, I am not sure if that is creating air noise or not?  The only thing I can think of re: air noise would be with the airbox baseplate and everything there seemed to install well. Maybe I am just chasing a ghost, not sure?

The positive, the stator and EBR rotor seem to be working as they should.  Voltage readings are within acceptable range.

Voltage reading - 14.4V

Finished product!

I took the 1125R for a short ride with Luc following behind in his truck (just in case).  Bike worked fine and voltage reading was consistently between 13.9V and 14.4V, exactly what it should be reading.  I will check the Bad Weather Bikers 1125R Superbike Forum to see if anyone else has experienced the air noise issue.  Other than that, I am very pleased!  Next up, a longer test ride!

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