Sunday, April 28, 2013

Team Hellcat Version 2

Last September, I was glued to Twitter following Team Hellcat Customs and their attempt to set a new Land Speed Record at Bonneville on a turbo powered Harley Davidson Sportster with a sidecar!  I was thrilled when I heard that Jase and his team set a new world record!

 2012 Land Speed Record

Well, Team Hellcat is at again!  This year, they are heading back to Bonneville to attempt to set two additional Land Speed Records...two bikes, two riders!  Kelly Rogers aka @FieryPinkGirl will be one of the two riders from Team Hellcat to attempt to set a Land Speed Record at Bonneville. Kelly is currently seeking sponsors to assist with achieving her goal of setting a World Land Speed Record!

For further information for how you can support Kelly and Team Hellcat Customs, visit "Send Fiery Pink Girl to the Salt Flats." I know that I will be supporting!  Wishing Kel, Jase and Team Hellcat Customs all the best as they work towards achieving their Land Speed Record goals! Go team go!  

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