Saturday, April 7, 2012

Still Spending Money...

I really need to ride my motorcycles, this waiting around for the weather to get warm, the streets to get cleaned up and potholes to get repaired is costing me money! Yesterday's online purchase was a pair of Alpinestars P1 Sport Touring Drystar Pants from Canada's Motorcycle Online Store.

From the many reviews that I have read, they are decent warm weather/water resistant riding pants with CE approved hip and knee armour.

An attractive feature for me is the zipper in the back of the legs, this allows for wearing the pants over or tucked into your riding boots. In addition, the pants have a quilted/removable inner liner with adequate venting and are supposed to be very breathable. I won't know until the pants arrive and I get a chance to test them out...I know,it's a bit of a gamble purchasing online without trying the pants on, but Alpinestars is a reputable brand.

Now, I have to get a control of myself and quit spending least for a little while!


  1. Awesome! These remind me of a pair of Dainese D-Dry Hoopers I have. Loving them, and they look to be cut about the same way with the same features. Now I think it's time to go for a test ride. =D

  2. Very nice pictures uploaded...... Looks awesome. I Love black pants