Monday, June 13, 2011

Bikers are Good People...

Bikers are good people…

Following my last post on the Fredericton Motorcycle Club Annual Toy Ride, I received an e-mail from a friend regarding the impact of such events. The story is very touching:

“Hi Bryan,

I saw your latest Blog post last night, and wanted to share a story with you concerning the Toy Ride. When our son was not yet three, he was having some very serious medical issues, things got complicated fast, and he ended up having an extensive surgery in Saint John, and then was transferred to the Fredericton Hospital for his recovery. Because he was young, suffered lots of trauma and pain, he basically refused to get out of the wheel chair. Almost a week had past, and the doctors and nurses needed him to try and start walking. I’ll never forget when the nurse came to our room and told our son that there were over a hundred motorbikes in the parking lot of the hospital and they had toys for the boys and girls. We wheeled our son down to meet everyone, and to make a long story short…I really don’t think the Riders really understand the impact they are making with these young children and their families. They put a smile on his face, and that day was the starting point to his recovery (and we still have his Mr. Potato Head toy that was given to him). I know our family will never forget the Toy Ride, and we will always appreciate the Riders who help out.



I suspect that this story would bring a tear to the eye of any biker as it did for me. So the next time you take part in a toy or charity ride, just remember that although you are there for the ride, you are supporting something much bigger than the ride itself. And for the general public, the story above demonstrates that bikers are good people too!


  1. Very heartwarming indeed. It reminds me of my earlier days and why I loved biking so much that I spent more than half of my life on the road.

  2. This is a very inspiring story. People have a connotation with bikers as the bad guys or the goons. I know that they will never forget the toy ride and the riders who have helped them.

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