Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sold - Ninja 500

The 2002 Ninja EX500 is gone! I sold it a week ago after posting it online at There was much interest and it only took 3 days before someone showed up with cash in hand and left with the bike. I purchased the bike in June 2009 as an upgrade for my son (from his Ninja 250). Last summer he only used the Ninja half a dozen times and the insurance for a rider his age is out of this world, even with the Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Course. So after a long discussion with my son, we decided to put it on the market...added to the fact he really wants a car.

I am always a bit sad when I sell a motorcycle and this one was no exception. I put a lot of work into this bike and the new owner was very impressed with the condition. I also pride myself on taking very good care of my stuff. Here is the last pic of the Ninja 500 before she left the yard!

With the sale of the Ninja 500 comes the opportunity for a new project...what next? Any suggestions?

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  1. So your son wont be riding anymore?? :-( Bye bye ninja!