Friday, March 4, 2011

American Muscle - Motus MST-01

Today, there were several tweets via Twitter related to the release of the American made Motus MST-01 motorcycle. I have to admit, I had never even heard of Motus Motorcycles, so I was rather interested. The first tweet provided a link to MCN where there is a brief description of the bike. The second tweet provided a link to Hell for Leather where there is additional information and pictures of the Motus MST-01 release.

Photo: MCN

Photo: The KneeSlider

Along with the MST-01 model, there will also be an upgraded MST-R model available.

Photo: Motorcyclist Magazine Blog

Although, I have only seen a few images and video clips, the bike appears functional, somewhere between a sports bike and a sports tourer. The exposed frame gives the MST-01 a Ducati like appearance and the 1654cc, Pratt & Miller V-4 direct injection push rod engine looks awesome! Check out the video, the bike certainly sounds unlike others...

Video: Hell for Leather

A quick Google search, led me to this YouTube video which provides additional details on the unique KMV-4 power plant in this machine. This is an engine even car guys are going to appreciate! A second video shows the KMV-4 engine on the dyno.

It is nice to see North American companies moving into the sport bike market...a couple weeks back, Erik Buell Racing with the EBR 1190RS and now Motus Motorcycles.

Until next time, ride safe!

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I want one of those!!! THAT is what a motorcycle should sound like! I can't wait to see how it performs overall... it sounds like real horsepower!! I also would like to see that engine in a cruiser... bring back cruisers with POWER!!!! I say all this realizing I won't be able to afford one till it is all worn out and broke up anyway! At least I can watch them drive by!
    Jonathan Hunter