Saturday, October 23, 2010

Buell Resurrected in Street Mode?

I recently came across this video teaser on YouTube from RatPak Records and Erik Buell Racing (EBR), it really peaked my interest.

I watched it several times and tried to figure out what the video was about. After some online research and a visit to the Hell for Leather web site, I found out that Erik Buell Racing was going to be releasing a street version of their 1190RR race bike...the EBR1190RS! Being the owner of a 2009 Buell 1125R, you can imagine my excitement upon discovering this news.

Further online research took me to the RatPac Records web site where I discovered that you can purchase EBR1190RS merchandise...and yes, I placed an order during my visit. This was further evidence that Erik Buell would be releasing a street legal motorcycle under the name EBR1190RS.

According to the Hell for Leather web site, Erik Buell's non-competition agreement with Harley Davidson Motorcycles expires in February 2011 and at that time we can expect to see the EBR1190RS. It will more than likely be a limited release motorcycle. I look forward to hearing more about the EBR1190RS.

So, as I sit here wearing my new EBR1190RS t-shirt, I only have one thing to say, welcome back Erik Buell!

Until next time, ride hard and ride safe!

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  1. That is indeed good news! You go, Eric! =D