Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2nd and I Got to Ride!

Today's weather was exceptional and I got a chance to ride. It has been an unusual spring and this is the earliest I have ever had my bikes out. Today's ride was a trek along the Saint John River and the Mactaquac Headpond. You will see from the pics below that ice is still in the headpond, so it adds a unique perspective to riding at the beginning of April!

Click on the pics for a full view of images

Before heading home, I stopped at Pokiok Stream and got a pic of the fast running spring water.

Simply put, a great ride for the second day of April!


  1. Wow! That first picture with the bike and the iced over lake is pretty awesome! Love it!
    So glad you got out for a ride! Can you believe we hit 90 degrees here today?!?!? Ouch!

  2. Excellent! YEAH!!!! I like it! 90 Degrees? Your warmer than we were...we were 86 Degrees! Isn't this some crazy weather! I'm loving your stuff! I'm so glad it's warming up...I've missed the riding blogs so much....

  3. Great pics!

    As much as I was itching to ride this afternoon I didn't get a chance to. Instead I was stripping the saddlebags and tour pack off the bike since they're finally going to paint in the next week or two. I've been out 4-5 times already this year though, so it's all good.

    50% chance of rain for tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

  4. Hey Bryan, What a great day for a ride, lucky you and great pics. It's raining here today sotime for a new show to go up and maybe change the oil in the old Beemer. Talk with you more soon,